MN Gov Walz Mandates Shelter in Place


MN Governor Tim Walz established a shelter-in-place mandate for all non-essential businesses and persons. The order begins this Friday, March 27 and will run through Friday, April 10. All non-essential business and operations must cease.

CONSTRUCTION BUSINESSES have been declared a “Critical Sector”.
(This is not a legal definition.)

Construction and Critical Trades category includes workers in the skilled trades such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC and elevator technicians, and all other related construction of all kind.

It also includes: exterminators, cleaning and janitorial staff for commercial and gov properties, moving and relocation services, security staff, operating engineers, and all other service providers who have service necessary to maintain safety, sanitation and essential operation of homes and residences and the Critical Sectors listed in the order.

Real Estate is limited to workers who facilitate and finance real estate transactions and real estate services including appraisers and title services.

Anyone continuing to operate must incorporate:

Minimum Basic Operations
Essential Travel
Social Distancing and Required Measures.

When I have additional information, I will provide it.


Chelle Eliason
Executive Officer
Arrowhead Builders Association